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Certified provider with the American Miniature Therapy Horse Association.

I provide services to hospitals, mental health, hospice, nursing homes, handicapped individuals and community services.
There is no fee for my services... but donations are accepted

Spring 2014 Introducing new Stallion:

LTDs Haleys Nice Ice Baby
2 y/o 30"  Frame DNA tested LWO+ and homozygous black.
Sire and Dam are Multiple National Champions
 Sire: Halter HOF - Magic Mans Royal
Dam: 9 x National Champion - LTDs Haleys Baby Magic

May 2013
Option Care Hospice Camp for Kids 2013
Pet Therapy 

Anya our Jack Russel with the children & 2013 filly Cheyenne
Sept. 16, 2010
Dear Wendell and Carol,
Hereby we send you some pictures of our visit two weeks ago at your ranch. We enjoyed our stay with you and, should we in the future decide to have a miniature horse, we will definitely get in touch with you!
Thank you very much again for your hospitality!
Best regards,
Marcel, Christine and Victoria Ruygvoorn
The Netherlands 
Fall Fest in downtown Eastman 10-29-09
Horse pictured is Fallen Stars Wolfman Jack, one of our 2009 foals


Miniature Horses Make Big Difference in Eastman

 By: Stephanie Susskind - 13WMAZ Eyewitness NEWS -Thursday Sept. 10, 2009

One woman in Eastman is using her love for horses to help heal and inspire others.

Carol Lowery and her husband Wendell operate Fallen Star Ranch, where they raise miniature horses and take some of them out into the community. Carol Lowery says, "a lot of time when I would get off work I would come home and just use the horses to put things back into a perspective." But she says it's her partnership with the community that brings her the most joy.

Lowery's herd is part of Camp Good Grief, a summer program in Eastman that helps children cope with the loss of a loved one, or a difficult lifestyle change. Dora Parks, volunteer coordinator for Hospice Care Options which runs the camp, says "you can put a lot of confidence into the animal, to talk to and to cry to. To be able to know that you're going to be loved unconditionally by the animal."

 Parks says equine therapy gives kids a chance to open up in a way they can't with other people. She says, "pets aren't going to tell anybody what they've told them." Eight-year-old Caitlin Williams attended Camp Good Grief. She loves to brush the horse's mane, and her mom Lynn Peacock says she's seen more than miniature results. Peacock says, "she really learned a lot of strategies to help cope with the divorce and then the loss of her grandmother and she realized it's okay to cry and to have feelings." She says, "the main thing I see is she needs to feel like she's taking care of something, and she's important and there's more out there, and that she'll be okay regardless of what happens."

Carol Lowery says its the horse's size and calm nature that makes is good for therapy with kids. She says, "I find that they'll come up to a small child and be gentler with the child than they will with an adult, so I think it's their personality that sort of wins you over."

Carol Lowery understands forming that close connection with their four legged friends. She says, "I know what satisfaction and assistance I got emotionally from interacting with the horses, and so I enjoy seeing someone else get the same benefits and I enjoy seeing the kids. The kids enjoy it but I don't think they enjoy it any more than my husband and I." So she says she'll continue to share her passion, with others who need it most.

The Lowerys have about 100 miniature horses at Fallen Star Ranch in Dodge County. Carol Lowery says the horses involved in equine therapy do not need special training, but she did take a course on animal assisted therapy. She also works as a critical care nurse. Camp Good Grief runs for three days during the summer at South Dodge Elementary School. Dora Parks says last year, 64 kids ages six to 14 participated in the camp.

Fallen Stars Notchaway Arrow

Recognized as:

Reserve Champion Service Horse for 2005 with the Smallest Horse Group


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May 2007

Camp Good Grief'

*A summer camp in Eastman is all about having fun and helping children deal with grief.
Camp Good Grief's main goal is to help kids deal with feelings that come with losing a loved one.
The three-day camp has special activities that help children deal with those feelings through activities such as pet therapy, equine therapy, and creative writing therapy.

** "These skills that we're teaching them that they're learning is to help them be able to go through that grief and to realize that there is a way to talk it out, a way to experience that grief and go through that grief."

The camp is staffed by volunteers and sponsored by Hospice Care Options.

*Web Editor: Jake Wade

**Dora Parks: Volunteer Coordinator

We were very honored to be asked to participate in the 2nd annual hospice camp for kids, Camp Good Grief. We were recommended to the Option Care Hospice staff by our local vet, Dr Jim Rahn for the camp's equine therapy. We took "Fallen Stars Little Lady" along with her colt, "Fallen Stars Ima Little Gold Mine"... we were even able to take Anya, our Jack Russell to help with the animal assisted therapy. I think the kids loved and enjoyed playing with them almost as much as we enjoyed our time spent with them! We are hoping to be invited back next year and to be able to participate in future camps. ~Carol

Our Halloween Fall Festival 2007 in downtown Eastman. Horse pictured is Fallen Stars Ima Little Gold Mine, one of our 2007 foals.

When I bring in some outside bloodlines I'll post them here on this page.
There are a few here new brought in for 2007 that we are very excited about!
Take a look.
Yearling Filly

Jones' Majestic Cinfully Stellar
Sire - AF Black MajestyDam - Jones' Cinder 

Mooradians Enchanting Mercedes
Born July 4, 2007
AMHA - AMHR (Rocking Horses Enchanting Mercedes)
Sire: Taylor Mades Pistol Bang
Dam: Meadowbrooks Enchanting Princess Sired by : Taylor Mades Pistol Bang Black w/star 28"
        Sire: Little Kings Bullet Buckeroo
        Dam: Todwils Free Spirit
Show Record Sire:

Grand and/or Supreme in 13 of 14 AMHA & AMHR shows
Eastern Regional Grand Champion Stallion (28-30")
AMHA National Top Ten Stallion (placed 3rd  

Sadie's dam, Meadowbrooks Enchanting Princess
Bay pinto. 32"
Sire: Twin Maples Rising Star
        Dam: Hunt House Farms Southern Princess
 Goes back to Boogerman/Rowdy her dam side and has a lot of Ohios and Soats with Goforth Little Pistol thrown in as well.


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